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Helping Clients Acquire and Protect Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

At the law office of Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP, our Atlanta liquor license violation lawyers have worked with Georgia's restaurants and bars (large and small) in providing clear guidance and strong representation. We provide the support your company needs to pursue and protect your liquor license.

Liquor laws and regulations are complex and paperwork intensive. For many businesses having a liquor license is absolutely essential to daily operations, while for others it is a vital revenue generator. Our lawyers will work with your business to provide clear guidance, firm representation and effective support to help ensure that you have the tools you need to be successful.

Handling all Liquor License Issues

SCE has worked with and built a respected reputation with state, county and local officials. We know how to facilitate the acquisition of liquor and alcoholic beverage licenses, and we can help your business take the steps necessary to acquire and protect your license.

Based out of Atlanta, SCE works with liquor license holders across the state. Our services include:

  • Counseling on liquor license issues
  • Filling out applications and paperwork
  • Filing of applications with appropriate organizations
  • Representation in litigation and hearings

Providing Strong Defense for License Violations & Litigation to Liquor License Holders

When a bar, hotel or restaurant is accused of violating state or municipal law, its liquor license is at risk. Violations can include:

  • Failing to renew a license
  • Failing to disclose or post a license
  • Selling alcoholic beverages to a minor

We can help you take the steps to protect your license and keep your business operating. Once we are involved in a case, we immediately begin to develop the facts around what happened and try to negotiate with the district attorney prior to a hearing. When plea bargaining or alternative sentencing are not available, we bring aggressive trial skills to prove that such a violation will not happen again.

It is important to understand that your charges can come from two bodies at the same time – your local enforcement agency and the state. If you receive a violation at the local level, you are required to notify the state within a short time period. We can work with you quickly to ensure you do not miss any important deadlines in responding to your violation.

Talk to an Experienced Lawyer

At the office of Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP, we work in all alcoholic beverage licensing issues from obtaining licenses to defending license violations and litigation. Call us in the Atlanta area at 404-352-1465 extension 441 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.

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