Mechanic’s / Materialman’s Lien Litigation

Experience in Protecting Subcontractors and Vendors

The lawyers at Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP have extensive experience at protecting subcontractors through creating, recording, and enforcing mechanic's and materialmen's liens. If you or your company has provided work and/or materials to a construction project but have not been paid for your work or materials, you may have recourse against the building or real estate of which your work or materials are now a part.

The attorneys at Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP know how to navigate the complexities of the Georgia mechanic's / materialmen's lien statues to protect the rights of their clients. In addition, if your claim relates to a government building project for either the State or Federal Government, our lien law attorneys are experienced in making claims under the Federal “Miller Act” (or the Georgia equivalent, “The Little Miller Act”) to obtain payment from the bonds required to be posted by prime contractors in all such projects.

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