Bank Loan Workouts

Experienced Bank Loan Workout Lawyers

Banks across the state of Georgia and across the nation are facing the serious challenge of recovering payments from debtors whose financial situations may have substantially changed. While there are aggressive litigation options available, sometimes the best solution is to take a more careful and thorough approach that properly addresses the concerns and needs of your business.

Put an experienced legal partner on your side to make sure that those interests are fully protected. At the law office of Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP in Atlanta, our legal professionals work with banks and financial institutions across the state. We have been representing banks for over 52 years, and have the knowledge, resources and experience to be effective for your business.  Indeed, SCE Law is a Silver Preferred Service Provider to the Community Bankers Association of Georgia.  

Focused on Recovery

When your organization is challenged by debtors in default or that are having difficulty keeping up on payments, our office can help you review all of your options and help maximize that investment.

In conjunction with our collections lawyers, we work with banks and financial institutions in bank loan workouts. We help you fully review agreements and protect your organization's interests while working with your customers.

Our bank workout attorneys are highly experienced dealing with loan and financial issues. We can fully evaluate the nuances that can make all the difference in asset or collateral recovery. We understand the desire to work with your customers while fully protecting the interests of your business.

Meet With Our Legal Team

Schedule an appointment with our Atlanta attorneys in person or by phone to discuss how we can help protect your interests through bank loan workouts. Call us locally at 404-352-1465 extension 441 or reach us online to schedule a consultation.

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From our office in Atlanta, Georgia, Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP provides quality legal representation to business clients throughout the State of Georgia, the southeastern United States, and elsewhere. Let SCE Law put The Power of Legal Knowledge® to work for you.

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