Experienced Contract Counsel

Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP is experienced in all facets of contract law, from drafting to analysis to litigation. For over 52 years, SCE Law has provided Real World Legal Solutions® to contract issues for a broad spectrum of national and international clients — from sole proprietors and regional operations to large multinational corporations.

What is a Contract?

In order to create a legally binding contract, the law generally requires:

  • offer;
  • acceptance;
  • consideration;
  • mutuality of obligation;
  • competency and capacity; and
  • in certain circumstances, a written instrument.

However, contracts are not limited only to a printed forms that companies or individuals sign. Contracts may be formed by oral agreements supported by action or writings. 

Full Spectrum of Contract Representation

At Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP, we provide a full spectrum of contract representation to our clients.  This includes:

  • Protecting clients in a transaction by drafting a written agreement that spells out the parties rights and obligations and avoids future disputes.
  • Analyzing a company's own contracts to ensure enforceability and avoidance of loopholes or future problems.
  • Analyzing and advising clients on contracts they have signed or are considering signing with a third party. 
  • And when relationships sour, representing clients in lawsuits to enforce their contracts or to defend against allegations of breach.

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Put an experienced legal partner on your side to make sure that those interests are fully protected. At the law office of Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP, in Atlanta, our legal professionals work with businesses across the state and Southeastern U.S. We have been representing businesses of all sizes for over 52 years, and have the knowledge, resources and experience to be effective for your business.

Areas Served

From our office in Atlanta, Georgia, Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP provides quality legal representation to business clients throughout the State of Georgia, the southeastern United States, and elsewhere. Let SCE Law put The Power of Legal Knowledge® to work for you.

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