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Stokes Carmichael & Ernst LLP is an Atlanta-based general civil litigation firm with experience in representing the victims of injury caused by the negligence and recklessness of others. For over 50 years, SCE Law has provided Real World Legal Solutions® to personal injury victims.

Our law firm is focused on meeting the needs of clients in litigation.  When you need advocacy or courtroom representation, our highly-experienced lawyers have the knowledge, experience and resources your situation requires.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is any wrong or damage done to another. Injury law also includes reputation safeguards such as slander or libel laws and can sometimes include damage to property. There are two elements in every personal injury case: liability and damages. The first element involves demonstrating that the person or entity being charged did in fact bear legal responsibility for the personal injury. Damages refer to the extent or amount of personal injury or loss that was allegedly suffered on account of the defendant's actions or negligence. In certain situations, such as in medical negligence or wrongful death cases, a person may file a personal injury claim on behalf of a loved one.

Prior to accepting an insurance settlement, it is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer to evaluate your situation and to ensure that your interests are protected. In personal injury law, the statute of limitations refers to the period from the time an injury occurs or is discovered, to the final date on which a lawsuit can be filed. The period of time during which a personal injury lawsuit must be filed usually begins with the date of harm. The statute of limitations will vary from personal injury claim to claim and from state to state. As time passes, evidence critical to a strong personal injury case may disappear and claims will be waived if they are not brought in a timely manner. After being injured by the acts of another, the victim should consult an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as they become aware of the extent of their injuries. Personal injury lawyers seek to win compensation for their clients. We are proud that our personal injury attorneys have been recognized as among “Georgia's Legal Elite: The State's Most Effective Lawyers” by Georgia Trend Magazine.

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